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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to develop and manage supermarket operations which are characterized by a commitment to customer satisfaction, loyalty to our employees, ethical treatment of our suppliers, an equitable return for our investors, and active support of our communities. Above all else, we want to treat everyone the way we would want to be treated.


I. For Our Customers, We Are Committed To:


•  providing the highest quality products at competitive prices

•  fast, personal customer service

•  clean and well maintained facilities


II. For Our Employees, We Are Committed To:


•  the best combination of compensation, job security, flexibility and support

•  an atmosphere that fosters teamwork and trust

•  promoting a leadership style based upon the principles of communication, recognition, consultation, participation, and accountability

•  the development of their job skills


III. For Our Suppliers, We Are Committed To:


•  deal with them with integrity and fairness

•  treat them as partners in our operations

IV. For Our Investors, We Are Committed To:


•  performance standards and a fair return on their investment


V. For Our Communities, We Are Committed To:


•  enhancing them with financial support and active participation